telegraph mf 2.jpg

Another job I got to work on with Nadav Kander was a shoot for Sunday Telegraph. It was for an interview with Michael Fassbender. Judging from the films we’d seen him in, we imagined him to be quite an intense type, and expected that the shoot was going to be quite boring.

We heard a knock on the door and when we opened it, Michael was stood there swigging a bottle of wine, with a bunch of mates looking all ready for a party. So thats basically what we did. One bloke accidentally set his thumb on fire and another locked himself in the toilet – No-one could hear him as the music was so loud.

The pictures look quite serene but the actual shoot was anything but... We had a huge selection of clothes for him which the stylist was looking forward to using, but he ended up practically naked… which apparently was quite good for the female readership figures.