Nadav Kander is one of the best photographer’s in the world, and it was a privilege to work with him.

One day he called to ask if I would be interested in a little job for WIRED, a technology magazine – not one of my normal gigs, but because it was with Nadav I was more than happy to go along

The guy we would be working with was called Tim Berners-Lee. Apparently he wasn’t so used to having his photo taken, might be a little bit reserved, and so my instructions were to give him a little trim, nice it up, and keep him relaxed by talking. I’m used to this and see it as part of the job.

But I have to confess I hadn’t heard of Tim before. As he was going to be featured in WIRED I imagined he was one of these tech start-up guys. We chatted for quite a while, mainly about myself and what I’d been up to (one of my favourite subjects)

I finally ran out of things to tell him, so flipped the subject.

“So Tim..” I asked, “What do you do then?”

“Well at the moment I’m working for CERN” he replied

“Sir Who?” I asked

“No, CERN – the Centre European Reseach Nuclear”

“Oh is that why you are being photographed for WIRED”

“Well no actually that’s mainly because of my work on Hypertext markup Language” he explained

“Oh…” I replied “ That’s quite great!”

I nodded as though I knew what he was on about. Later was amazed to find out he was the person who, by developing hypertext, practically invented the World Wide Web.

The repercussions of that are really quite significant – For example, if it hadn't been for Sir Tim you wouldn't have been able to read the exciting adventures of Oliver J. Woods esq