I’ve done quite a bit of work with Robbie Williams. He’s a nice guy and a lot of fun. One of the most unusual things I’ve done with him was the concert for the Queen’s jubilee – you know, the one where Bryan May played his hand-crafted guitar on the roof of Buck House.

Robbie was asked to perform, alongside a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ of the musical world. Madness also played on the roof, Gary Barlow was there, Will I Am and Jessie J. There was a little section of Golden Oldies like Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones and Cliff Richard. The organisers might have been tempting fate by asking Grace Jones to appear – but the most outrageous thing she did was hula hoop on stage and then mistake Ed Sheeran for a girl.

We were next door to Elton John and Take That, so there was a lot of banter. But scanning around backstage we saw how big a deal it was. The Queen came out to meet all the performers while I was still hanging around. She asked me what I did. When I told her, she asked “Well do you think you could do something with my hair?”. I had a look and said “To be honest love, I’m not sure I can”.

I just made that last bit up ;-) But seriously it really was an amazing once in a lifetime experience just to be there.