Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill were in town, promoting their new film at the time, Moneyball. It was nominated for six Oscars, including Best Actor for Brad and Best Supporting Actor for Jonah. Nadav was going to take some pics for the New York magazine, and I was lucky enough to get the gig.

When Brad arrived for the shoot the whole place fell silent. Sometimes when you’re working with these super-famous bods everyone gets subdued and quiet. No-one wants to make a dick of themselves, especially not in front of ‘the world’s most attractive man’. So its like the queen has arrived and everyone is on best manners.

After a few years of keeping it short and sweet Brad was growing his hair long again. He spent most of the time he wasn’t getting his hair done or photographed reading a book about Squirrels, which I thought was a bit strange. But he might have just found it as I know the studio boss was a big Squirrel fan ;-)

But then his pal and co-star Jonah Hill arrived, and the atmosphere changed immediately. They were constantly messing around and having a laugh, popping out to smoke a few reefers. Brad was staggering around and ended up with very bloodshot eyes, which we had to fix in retouching.