Abyssinian Clay

Abyssinian Clay


A very light but firm matt Clay made with natural Hazelnut and Abyssinica Seed Oils. Giving a strong, workable hold, for use on either a wet or dry thatch.


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Cera Alba
A natural wax produced by honey bees of the genus Apis. It consists mainly of esters of fatty acids and various long-chain alcohols.

Crambe Abyssinica seed oil
Abyssinian Oil produces a natural radiant lustre. The oil glides onto the hair surface to form a very light continuous lipid layer which provides lubricity to help detangle and lock in essential moisture.

Corylus Americana (Hazelnut) seed oil
Corylus Americana Seed Oil and Corylus Avellana Seed Oil, also called hazelnut oil, are oils obtained from edible hazelnuts. Containing 66-85% oleic acid, 7-25% linoleic acid, 4-9% palmitic acid and 1-6% stearic acid and used as a skin conditioner and emollient.

Cetearyl alcohol
A mixture of fatty alcohols which act as an emulsion stabilizer and emollient for the hair

PVP/VA Copolymer
Used to add body and hold to hair products

Hydroxystearic/linolenic/oleic polyglycerides
A vegetable derived replacement for Lanolin and Petrolatum certified “natural” by COSMOS. This ingredient has been shown to condition and protect hair and moisturise the skin

Polysorbate 60
An emulsifier used in some pharmaceuticals and food preparations. It is creatd by combining stearic acid with sorbitol and is used in cosmetics to solubilize essential oils

Sorbitan stearate
Made from a sugar alcohol and vegetable derived fatty acids Sorbitan stearate is a good moisturizer that encourages emulsification

Sodium stearoyl glutamate
An anionic surfactant produced from L-Glutamic acid and plant derived palm fatty acid. Extremely hypoallergenic and well suited as an emulsifier. The pH is similar to the one of the skin; therefore, it is very mild to the skin. Natural and environmentally friendly.

A germicidal and germistatic glycol ether, phenol ether, and aromatic alcohol often used as an aid to product preservation

An aid to product preservation often used in skin conditioning treatments.