Formentera Salt Spray

Formentera Salt Spray


Gives natural control and windswept style, allowing movement & enhancing natural curls. The salt absorbs oiliness, the natural seaweed extract avoids dryness and tangling.


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Lets make some waves! Inspired by shoots in the Balearic Islands, Oliver developed the Formentera Salt Spray to give the natural control and windswept style you get from a day at the beach, allowing movement and enhancing natural curls. 

Its a versatile spritz for wet or dry hair, which can be ‘layered up’ to add lift and texture to medium or longer hair. The salt absorbs any oiliness, while natural seaweed extract gives body, and avoids dryness and tangling. Scented with the gentle whiff of a Mediterranean forest – with Bergamot, Amber and Sandalwood.